1. All Detonation Films effects are created entirely by Detonation Films Inc. We do not use subcontractors nor do we have outside contributions in our product line. This permits us to keep this document simple.

2. A valid purchase document (such as a Gumroad receipt) licenses the purchaser (the person or entity whose email address is listed on the receipt) to utilize the purchased effect as a composited element in movies, television productions, videos, web productions, games, applications, and/or other creative or instructional media (including media that may be invented in the future) either for themselves or for their clients, without any further payment, credit, or royalty. Use of Detonation Films effects without a valid purchase document is NOT licensed. Retention of purchase documentation is the responsibility of the licensee.

3. Detonation Films effects are licensed to be used ONLY as part of a creative work (i.e. composited onto original footage or used as elements in a game or application.) It is NOT permitted to repackage the effects as effects, templates, or other compositing tool or medium, nor to resell and/or redistribute them.

Bob Forward
Detonation Films


Just to be clear: Our effects should be used as part of a creative work (i.e. composited onto original footage) and NOT just uploaded as an effects collection -- please don't do that. We may be contacted at detonationfilms <at> gmail <dot> com if there are any questions.


DetFilms4K is a division of Detonation Films