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PRE-KEYED BLOOD PUMPKINS - $22 Everybody loves the Blood Pumpkins! Including us. Real pumpkins filled with blood and blown to bits in gushing gouts of glittering gore. What's not to love? Pack of two, pre-keyed in 3840 x 2160 PNG Quicktime!

PRE-KEYED BLOOD SHOTS - $26 Ruptures, bursts, and spurts of pre-keyed blood from various angles! Thirty clips, ready to enhance your gunshots, knife wounds, sword slashes and industrial accidents. In 3840 x 2160 PNG Quicktime!

PRE-KEYED RED MIST- $22 Hot bursts of hemoglobin in that dark "red mist" format so cinematically stylish in modern media! Pre-keyed and ready to use as is, or you can adjust the color with your editing program's color-correction tools. Twelve clips; all stay in frame. In 3840 x 2160 PNG Quicktime!
PRE-KEYED DECAPS AND DISMEMBERS - $26 Arterial blood pumping and pouring down a neck/chest-shape - pre-keyed! Also includes arterial blood-spurts to the side and upward for lopped off-limbs. Two pre-keyed neck/arm stumps and three varying-sized blood spews for extra grisly emphasis! All in 3840 x 2160 PNG Quicktime!


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